“Paper Birds” came about from my passion for uniquely made custom books. I have always collected my moments of inspiration in journals and I have always been fascinated by the visual and tactile sensations in holding books. I combine the old world craft of hand-bookbinding with the use of traditional and contemporary materials. Leather and fabrics combine with beautiful papers to create a unique look. I pay particular attention to quality and craftsmanship. Books are personalized to reflect the unique personality, taste and style of an individual or to commemorate a special occasion. I design books and boxes that house moments of creativity and spark personal memories. I create hand bound, blank books that inspire the imagination to take flight.

Everyone has a box of photos in a closet, artwork stacking up on a shelf, poetry or dreams to record, or a story that needs to be passed along. Paper Birds aims to create books that are works of art that will be savored and enjoyed, and passed along to future generations.

My mission is to create beautiful volumes that make every person’s life an open book.

Limited Edition Books
Personalized Journals
Travel Journals
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Wedding Albums
Wedding Journals
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